Instructional Design (more about eLearning and Moodle)

I am currently working with a small tech start up that hosts and supports clients using Moodle as their Learning Management system.  I wear many hats with this company but my main job is to help instructors design effective eLearning. I decided to use this opportunity to develop the beginnings of a Scoop.It! Magazine for the use of my clients. 

I am pretty passionate about Open Source software which Moodle is part of. I try to enlighten and inspire my clients in all aspect of Moodle and how it can help them deliver instruction in an engaging and effective way.

My Magazine has several articles about H5P , which is being developed as a replacement for SCORM. It is a free web-based tool that allows instructors to easily create interactive activities. The two articles I referenced are about how it is now built-in to the latest version of Moodle and some of it’s shortcomings… Like all technologies, nothing is perfect and these articles helped me to sift through the good and the bad and will help me better inform my clients.

The other articles I found describe a community of Moodle nerds who are making the LMS even better, how to stop using PowerPoint as the main source of content for an online course (happens all the time) and the inspirational story of a Somali refugee who is earning his Bachelor’s degree online and will use it to transform his community. Awesome story!

Check it out! (Links to an external site.)