Course Title: “Consumers and Social Media”

Course Description:
This course is designed to empower students to become disciplined and astute discoverers of consumer behavior with regards to digital technologies. Students will develop a thorough understanding of how consumers use the digital space to enhance their lives, work and relationships. Current research in consumer behavior, digital technologies, and case studies in best practices will help inform student creation of messaging that engage consumers. This course will expand upon many of the concepts presented in the undergraduate level Communications Major Social Media course. You will learn via textbook readings, expert video sessions, and simulations on how to understand consumers social-techno-graphic behavior and how to engage with them in meaningful ways with meaningful content.  

Student Population:
The students in this course are all Graduate level Communications majors who have taken at least one undergraduate course in Social Media.

This course will be delivered fully online. Weekly Zoom Meetings, Class Presentations, Discussion Forums, Quizzes and a Final Project will be used to measure student learning outcomes.