What does a learning technologist do?

What’s one of the first questions someone asks you upon meeting you for the first time…what do you do?  When I tell people that I’m a Learning Technologist, I often get this look of bewilderment with eyebrows raised and the next question is, what’s that?  I think the most important part of my title is actually the learning part.  Technology, of course, is part of my job, but the learning part is what makes it all worthwhile for me.  So, to answer the question, what does a learning technologist do…

  • Evaluate new technologies to discover new and better ways to enhance instruction
  • Assist faculty in discovering methods of improving their instruction with and without technology
  • Conduct training sessions teaching faculty how to use new technologies
  • Conduct research studies evaluating the use of technologies and their impact on student learning outcomes
  • Create training materials to accommodate the self-learners and provide resources for our “users”
  • Manage the implementation of new technologies on-campus for the use of instruction

The above list gives an overview of what I do ..  I would suspect that all Learning Technologists  have similar duties, but depending on the type of environment you work in they could definitely vary quite a bit.


My role is evolving, however… I am going to become an Instructional Designer soon… Below is an infographic about the new role I will be taking on soon.