Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design

What?: The UMaine Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design helps students become leaders in effective and innovative uses of current and emerging technology. The required coursework, research, and clinical experiences are designed for educators working in a variety of contexts. Students will engage in inquiry-based curriculum and build capacity to continually assess their local context; implement technology to enhance teaching, learning and assessment; build professional learning networks to support ongoing professional development; and, develop expertise in current and emerging instructional technologies. Essential to this program is a commitment to local community, advocacy for accessibility, and social justice, especially in the context of the potential for new technology to influence educational settings.

Courses I’m Taking: (16 credits)

  • EDT 520: Digital Age Teaching and Learning Methods
  • EDT 540: Instructional Design and Project Management 3 cr. – offered summer
  • EDT 541: Advanced Instructional Design 3 cr. – offered fall
  • EDT 542: Supporting Technology Integration through Professional Development and Coaching 3 cr. – offered spring
  • EDT 543: Practicum in Instructional Design 3 cr. – offered summer