The green highlighted sections on the alignment charts below correspond to each of the sample activities described in more detail beneath the image. Absorb activities present information to the learner. Do activities often follow absorb activities and provide learners with a way to put a new idea into practice and commit it to long-term memory (Horton, 2012). Connect Activities “prepare learners to apply learning in situations they encounter at work, in later learning efforts, and in their personal lives” (Horton, 2012, p. 163).


Absorb Activities

As a guide from Horton, E-Learning by Design (2013) on absorb activities, I came up with the idea that since I am presenting a face-to-face workshop the participants will be absorbing the “live  presentation” of me teaching them the skills they will need to customize their Moodle course layout according to their teaching style. The absorb activities allow the learner to absorb the knowledge and examine it.
Absorb Activities

Do and Connect Activities

I have combined a DO and CONNECT activity with the “live presentation” by including some hands-on activities. Connect activities as Horton states integrate what we are learning with what we know. By having the participants connect what they already know about Moodle,  allows them to learn by doing.
DO Activities
Connect Activities


Horton, W. (2012). E-learning by design. San Francisco CA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.