Course Description: Development of instructional goals, objectives and assessment of outcomes. Methods for assessing learning performance and mapping appropriate assessment methods to instructional strategies and learning objectives. Performance-based assessment and evaluation tools to assess learner performance. Design of formative and summative evaluation methods.

This project focuses on teaching faculty how to use the Colgate University’s Learning Management System. The Moodle Learning Management System is a mainstay of Colgate’s academic infrastructure but our adoption rate is 25% lower than other universities where 85% of faculty confirm use of the LMS (Brooks, 2015). Supporting faculty in their use of Moodle is important, with faculty development ranked as the number one key issue in teaching and learning in 2017 (Educause Learning Initiative, 2017). It is important that faculty adopt our learning management system and students want all their classes to be visible on Moodle. In a 2015 ECAR study, 56% of college students said they wished instructors would use an LMS. The instructional need here is increasing the adoption rate of Moodle. Some of the common challenges that deter them from LMS adoption are lack of time, resistance to adopting new technologies, lack of training opportunities, and lack of support. This project will address this need by analyzing faculty usage of Moodle via data gathered directly by the use of system logs and database queries, noting the significant gaps in LMS usage, then using this data to aid the design and implementation of a more effective program to increase adoption.

Primary Audience: Colgate teaching faculty who are new to using Moodle or who need a refresher.

General Learner Characteristics: 

  • Adults between the ages of 35-60
  • Education level – PhD
  • Mixture of novice and veteran teachers

Entry Characteristics

  • Mixture of expert and novice computer users
  • Most are/have been negative about using Moodle
  • Lack confidence and embarrassed they don’t know how to use Moodle


  • Use system logs and database queries to identify which faculty are not using Moodle.
  • Survey faculty that are not using Moodle about their reasons why not.
  • Offer instruction that will increase adoption of Moodle.

Delivery of Instruction:
Instruction will be delivered in small group face-to-face workshops which will allow a personalized learning experience. Plenty of time for individual practice will be included. Self-paced, online tutorials will be offered after the workshop that are sequenced from the basics to more advanced topics .