Getting Colgate faculty to use the institutionally sponsored LMS can be a struggle. The latest data from our Fall 2018 Moodle usage report shows about 60% of our faculty have adopted Moodle but we would like to increase this. It’s important that faculty adopt our learning management system for several reasons and students want all their classes to be visible on Moodle. (In a 2015 ECAR study, 56% of college students said they wished instructors would use an LMS.) For Colgate faculty, however, adopting the LMS has been easier said than done. Some of the common challenges that deter them from LMS adoption are lack of time, resistance to adopting new technologies, lack of training opportunities, and lack of support.

The aim of this project is:

  • Use system logs and database queries to identify which faculty are not using Moodle.
  • Survey faculty that are not using Moodle about their reasons why not.
  • Offer instruction that will increase adoption of Moodle.

The target audience is Colgate University teaching faculty who are new to using Moodle or need a refresher.

Instruction will be delivered in small group face-to-face workshops which will allow a personalized learning experience. Plenty of time for individual practice will be included. Self-paced, online tutorials will be offered after the workshop that are sequenced from the basics to more advanced topics .