Purpose of the Course Getting faculty to use the Colgate-sponsored LMS, Moodle can be a struggle. The latest data from the Fall 2018 report shows about 60% of our faculty use Moodle but we would like to increase the usage. It’s important that faculty adopt our learning management system for several reasons and students want all their classes to be visible on Moodle. (In a 2015 ECAR study, 56% of college students said they wished instructors would use an LMS.) For Colgate faculty, however, adopting the LMS has been easier said than done. Some of the common challenges that deter them from LMS adoption are lack of time, resistance to adopting new technologies, lack of training opportunities, and lack of support. This RLO will serve as training on the Google Course Kit feature of Moodle.
Audience Description The target audience is Colgate University teaching faculty who are new to using Moodle or need a refresher.
Major Course Objectives (Terminal) Instructors new to Moodle or anyone who would like a refresher course will use the LMS to create content items to present a variety of learning activities to enhance student learning.  
Course Enabling Objectives Instructors will upload files to their Moodle course Instructors will create, and manage an Assignment using Google Course Kit To assess student learning instructors will set up the gradebook to calculate grades.
RLO Enabling Objective mod 2 – Create an assignment using the Google Course Kit Activity type in Moodle
Learning Assessment for Course There is no formal assessment or certificate earned after this course as this is voluntary training for faculty wanting to learn how to use the Moodle LMS.
Learning Assessment for RLO mod 2 – Learners will complete a hands-on project to demonstrate mastery of enabling objective by creating an assignment using the Google Course Kit Activity type in Moodle.Learners will complete a mastery quiz.  
Instructional Delivery method for Course (overall) Most of the course will be delivered Face-to-Face in 2 hour workshops to introduce the skills needed to teach using the Moodle LMS
Instructional Strategy for RLO mod 2 – The instructional strategy is tutorials and drills
Media [mod 3 – overall media types that will be used in RLO] PowerPoint, Audio recording, Video
508 Accommodations [mod 3Color contrast for color blind accessibility, Alt-text for screen reader accessibility, Voiceover for vision disability accessibility
Course Structure Description [mod 2 – Hands-on skill development for college faculty to learn how to create a Moodle course(s) in order to deliver content which supplements their Face-to-Face lectures. There are a series of 2 hour workshops focused upon specific skills needed to create and instruct with a Moodle course.
Seat Time of Course mod 2 – 1 day – 60 minutes per session
Seat Time of RLO [mod 4 – 15 mins]
RLO Outline [mod 2 – create an outline to the topic level; use outline numbering for ease of development; this is your task analysis of the objective] RLO Enabling Objective: Create an assignment using the Google Course Kit Activity type in Moodle Title PageIntroductionLogin to moodle.colgate.eduCreate a Google Course Kit ActivityHow to link to your Google accountKnowledge Check #1 Mastery Quiz. Learner will answer a multiple-choice questionHow to add comments and a grade to a Course Kit AssignmentKnowledge Check #2 (Let me try simulation) Learner will add comments and a grade to a Course Kit AssignmentReview and Summary
RLO Flowchart [mod 3link to flowchart
Screens/Pages in RLO [mod 4 – 10]
Knowledge Checks or Other Assessments or Practices for RLO [mod 4 – estimated number of knowledge checks or other interactions] ____Dichotomous (T/F, Y/N, etc.) 1       Multiple Choice ____Multiple Select ____Drag and Drop ____Custom – describe; if appropriate, supply flowchart in an Appendix and reference it here. ____Other – describe
Rollovers/click events [mod 4 – estimated number of individual rollover or click event items/objects, outside of navigation elements] 4 Rollovers 4 Click Events
RLO Navigation [mod 3 – After the introduction the direct instruction is linear, a quiz is offered and the branching scenario begins depending on the quiz grade, with optional re-viewing of the video or passage on to continue the instruction. The instruction continues through multiple windows and ends with a Knowledge check and conclusion.
Screen Layouts for RLO [mod 4 –                 
Development Tools for RLO [mod 5 – Word, PowerPoint, Adobe PhotoShop CC 2015, Storyboarding Template Camtasia 2
Ownership Kelly Dempsey will develop the initial course; and will also maintain the course. The course is being developed for Colgate University teaching faculty.
Development Time of entire course and RLO [mod 2 –  Course – 26 hours   RLO – 18 hours
Support requirements for RLO and course [mod 2 – very high level; SMEs and other resources needed] Two (2) Word documents. 1 for Absorb activity, 1 for hands-on assessment.Google Course Kit for Moodle documentation: https://support.google.com/edu/coursekit/answer/9074068?hl=enMS PowerPointScreen recording software (QuickTime, Camtasia, Captivate or Articulate Storyline)
Sign-off [optional]
Please sign below indicating agreement with the proposed course plan and approving start-up of the storyboard and development phases.
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