Photos for Class

I chose a video from the public domain called “Photos for Class.”.  It took me a while to figure out the Creator Studio Classic worked but once I did it went fairly smoothly. I have never done this before and have to confess that I have never watched a video with closed captions!  I will pay closer attention to this when I watch a YouTube video from now on and see how many of them include the CC logo.

Link (Close Captioned Video)

  • Student 1 Feb 9 at 10:24am Congrats, Kelly!I’m so glad we had step-by-step instructions on how to do this! It is a lesson for me on how many instructional tools are out there, if you have time and little  guidance on how to dig for them.  I’m interested to know which subtitling method you used: did you use the create subtitles/closed captions option that automatically generates the text and timing? Or did you type in your own text? If the former, did you try to edit the timing of the text? I found in this video that the presenter spoke in quite a jerky and non-intuitive fashion, and that editing the timing of the captions might actually have helped to smooth out his delivery for the non-hearing student..