Hello and welcome to my WordPress site! I am a Client Solutions Architect with Moonami LLC. We are a Moodle hosting and support company. I am very new at this position which is evolving as this edTech start-up grows at the speed of sound!

I continue to champion the motto that has carried my work for over two decades: Technical innovation moves at the speed of relationships. And relationships move at the speed of trust.

In different organizations, the key foundation that I have come to realize with technology is relationships. You must work with programmers, the back end people, people working on the front lines, with faculty.So it’s all about relationships, trust and the technology itself. Here at Moonami it’s all about making sure that our clients are happy that the product that we offer is what they need, customizing it to their specific needs and getting to know them.

Working with clients in this way has been a real delight for me. I was so used to working with faculty and the instructional design role. But now that I’m in touch with our 400 plus clients I realize how unique each of them are. They all have their own unique challenges, and as I build relationships with them, they build trust in me and our company. And I think that’s really the foundation for technical innovation and technical service.

I recently left my position as an Instructional Designer with the Learning and Applied Innovation Group at Colgate University. With over 18 years experience in education, my primary role at Colgate was to manage learning platforms while researching emerging technologies – sift through the many to find the few that will support the teaching and learning process in a meaningful way.

Beginning my career as a fifth-grade teacher, I jumped up to higher-ed at Skidmore College and enjoyed 13 years there partnering with faculty in their use of technology integration. Followed up with a brief stint serving at Babson College in their Blended and Online Learning managing their “Innovation Pipeline.” Boston was amazing but I yearned for the private, liberal arts environment I was so familiar with… I loved Colgate and its rich history and expansive educational experience.  I worked with a  group of diverse, talented, intellectually sophisticated colleagues who challenged me and themselves to be the best we could be in a setting that brought together teaching, learning and technology.

I hold a BA degree from Norwich University, VT in English and Elementary Education, an M.Ed from Columbia University, and currently working on an Advanced Degree in Instructional Design from the University of Wisconsin, Stout. You can see some of the work I’m doing under Grad Portfolio tab.

A few other things about me: I’m from the Adirondack Mountain area of upstate New York and live in the city Life Magazine calls “Hometown USA,” Glens Falls, NY. We host guests in our B&B called The Good Life @ Glens Falls, and have found it to be a very busy and rewarding business venture.

Contact: email me at dempsey dot kel @ gmail dot com or follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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