Kelly Dempsey

Enabling Objective: Analyze Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, identify their targeted users and how they reach diverse audiences


  • Absorb Activity: Readings/ Discussion Forum
    • As you read the book be thinking about the following question: Which social media platform do you feel most comfortable using?
  • Do Activity: Write a blog post (Present findings to class).
    • The purpose of this blog activity is to show that you are able to engage with an audience on a topic they are passionate about and demonstrate empathy for the audience. A blog is defined as “a regular feature appearing as part of an online publication that typically relates to a particular topic and consists of articles and personal commentary by one or more authors” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Blog posts should be:

● Written in first person

● A collection of thoughts or expertise on a variety of topics

● Inclusive of links, pictures, videos

● Searchable in search engines

● Open for reader engagement through comments, likes and shares

  • You will be responsible for writing a blog on your analysis of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, identifying their targeted users and how they reach diverse audiences
  • Publish via your LinkedIn account as a LinkedIn published article or publish on your own student blog site.

● Posts should be 400-1,000 words in length

● Have a compelling title

● Use relevant keywords, images and hyperlinks

● Be original, well-crafted and well-informed

● Your deliverable will be links to the published post placed on a Word document and uploaded to the assignment box.

  • Connect Activity: Research, create and explain to a client how you’ve chosen one of these social media platforms to impact their audience.
    • Create a social media plan and summary of recommendations for your client. Include the following in your summary:
      • Smart goals
      • Content strategy
      • A Social media content calendar as evidence of your understanding of the principles of this activity.