Today is Ash Wednesday, 2019, the first day of Lent in the Christian calendar. Instead of giving something up as I have done in the past for many years I have decided to do something that can offer someone else a bit of kindness that will make a difference in their day! I will post here my “ACTS” everyday to chronicle this Lenten journey.

So what is Lent?

Jesus was led into the desert for 40 days by the Holy Spirit. You can read the whole story in Luke 4:1-13. Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter when we remember Jesus’ time in the desert and the challenges He faced when he was there. I’ve decided to not give UP but give OUT to someone else. I’ve taken the 40acts challenge and carry out simple acts of giving and kindness throughout Lent this year. My inspiration to do this came from the 40acts movement of over 100,000 people on a mission to impact their communities with generosity – during Lent and beyond. Please join me if you feel so moved and post on this blog to share! Read more.

40 Acts of Kindness

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