On the evenings of March 6th and 10th, I participated in two Twitter Chats with the hashtags #GAFEChat and #QMIDAChat. It was probably my 5th/6th time Twitter chatting, ever. I have used Twitter for my own professional development since I first signed on back in 2011. As a PLN, Twitter has been excellent. I have found some jewels that lead to stimulating discussions, new resources, and an ongoing supportive network.

shutterstock_179202491Twitter Chats take this social media tool to a whole new level. Although I’m a relative newby, these conversations have become an excellent way for me to connect on topics I’m interested in, and share resources and best practices. Most chats lasts 60 minutes, moderators pose questions on a topic, and participants use the same hashtag (#) to communicate. Questions are posed in a sequential “Q1, Q2” (Question 1, 2, etc.) format over the hour. Participants respond with “A1, A2” (Answer 1, 2, etc.)  I use Tweetdeck to aggregate the chat into a single stream and make it easier for me to follow the conversation.

I captured highlights of these chats on Storify. #GAFEChat  | #QMIDAChat 

  • What was my experience like? The topic for #gafechat was about Google Keep, a Chrome extension, note taking tool that I had never used. I found some of the comments useful but there was one annoying person who kept jumping in and posting commercials about his products. I wish the moderator had booted him out! The QMIDAChat was about Open Educational Resources which I have absolutely zero experience with. I had nothing to add but learned SO MUCH! I now have a list of resources to use as I transition into my new role as instructional designer. All in all it was a good experience and I look forward to doing regular twitter chats.
My Twitter Chat Experiences

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