I found a very insightful paper that investigates the how, why and if college faculty use iPads in teaching. The SAMR model was used to analyze the level of use of those faculty who did use the iPads for teaching.

Aiyegbayo (2015) interviewed 84 academics and only 11 stated that they used their iPads for teaching purposes. The main reasons academics were not using their iPads for teachings were:
1. Preferred to use other devices, eg, laptop and desktop.
2. Had limited knowledge of how to use their iPads.
3. Their students did not have iPads.
Formal pedagogical support and students’ access to iPads were considered important in order to use their iPads effectively for teaching.

The 2012 NMC Horizon Report (Higher Ed), declared tablet devices, eg, iPads, to be a completely new technology (Johnson, Adams & Cummins, 2013) and that these tablets provide students and academics opportunities to enhance their teaching and learning experiences in ways not possible with other devices. I take that to mean Redefinition, the highest level attained in the SAMR model.

Unfortunately, the NMC’s aspirations for the iPads fell short in this study. The 11 interviewees’ who used the iPads for teaching were analyzed based on the SAMR model and it was determined that none of them attained any higher than the Augmentation level. None of their teaching-related activities was unique to the iPad.

This paper shows that faculty need pedagogical training and support from their institutions if they are going to embed iPads in their academic practices or use them in “transformational” ways (Cavanaugh, Hargis, Munns & Kamali, 2012.

Aiyegbayo, O. (2015). How and Why Academics Do and Do Not Use iPads for Academic Teaching?. British Journal Of Educational Technology, 46(6), 1324-1332.

Do Faculty use iPads for Academic Teaching?

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