Digital Pedagogy interview with @zoe_leblanc


Listen! In this Leading Lines podcast episode, Zoe LeBlanc, a doctoral student at Vanderbilt talks about her experiments in digital pedagogy, her approach to using educational technology, and her career path as an aspiring digital historian. Zoe studies networks, ideas, and spaces in modern history, and her dissertation examines the role of Cairo, Egypt, as a hub for anti-colonial activism in Africa during the Cold War. Zoe has been a graduate fellow at the Vanderbilt Center for Digital Humanities. She helped launch a “Conversations on Digital Pedagogy” series at Vanderbilt, and continues to build and enrich the digital humanities community at Vanderbilt and elsewhere.

• Zoe LeBlanc’s website,
• @zoe_leblanc on Twitter,
• HASTAC at Vanderbilt,…hastac-scholars/
• Vanderbilt Center for Digital Humanities,
• Twitter in the Classroom, a Conversation on Digital Pedagogy,

@zoeLleblanc @leadinglinespod @johannaprince

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